Sunday, October 26, 2008

We were busy this week playing all over town!
Chantel and I went to Gardner Village to get some pictures of the boys to send to mom and dad for Halloween. It was quite the adventure I think we got about 3 pictures out of 200 where both boys are acutally looking at the camera. Kohen just wanted to climb on Tennison any time we set them next to each other.
Oh the cutest Hooter I have ever seen!

Tennison the turtle and Kohen the Hooter

I think Kohen got lost in his puffy vest.

Oh I love that little man!

On Friday we went to the pumpkin patch with the Howell's. They had tons of perfect pumpkins, tractors to climb on, and a corn maze for the boys to go through.
Awh, family picture

What to do with all these pumpkins? Kohen didn't know what to do...

Kohen just loves Peyton! Look at how cute he is with his arm around Peyt!

Then on Saturday we headed up to the BYU game to tailgate with the Jackson's. For those of you who have been up there you know what I mean when I say they don't mess around! Chris brings up his extra satelite and t.v. to watch other college games on, and they always have a gormet menu. They have 2 grill going making a 4 course meal. It truly is amazing! Thanks Chris! Their tailgating alone almost converted me to a BYU fan, things were going so well Meg convinced me to buy this shirt (crap dad close your eyes, this picutre alone may make you get up and leave your mission to come home and punish your delinquent child) anyway, all was well until we got to our seats and I had to sit next to real BYU fans!! I lasted about a quarter and a half but this guy in front of us (typical annoying BYU fan) would not shut up!!! Yelling at the refs like they could really hear him, and narrating every move like he should be down there calling the plays. I wanted to punch him in the back of the head so bad but Trav kept me contained. I even kept my mouth shut and didn't even say a bad word to him!! Oh what blessings come when you have so many family members serving missions!! Thanks Dal, Mom, Dad, and Cade!! (it only took 4 but hey I'm improving with each day :) If I did have to evalute the cougar experience I would say it went pretty well, BUT I STILL BLEED RED!!!

Lastly we had a family Halloween party. Since Kohen was our Hooter I figured Trav and I could be Hooter girls. I ordered Trav a pair of hot orange shorts, but sadly enough they didn't get here in time for this party. :( I hope they get here before Halloween. So here is a picture of our boring costumes. Good thing Kohen makes up for our lack of costumes!

Monday, October 20, 2008

A few randoms!

Yes that is barf not food but I can explain!! Kohen is known to do a lot of spitting up, but today he took it beyond the usual. He was laying on the ground laughing really hard and the next thing I know... Poor little man was spewing everywhere!! I fed him prunes and apples because he has had a hard time poo-pooing (if I say it like that it sounds better than it really is) lately so I thought it might help but I guess I filled him too full!! It was the saddest thing, it literally sprouted out of his mouth like a waterfall and it just kept coming. I felt so bad I just threw him in the tub clothes and all because it was everywhere!! Guess prunes and apples are off the list!

The cutest double Crack-o-lanterns!!

(Zachary and Kohen)

Sometimes I can't help myself, I want to eat this kid up!! He will give kisses on demand now and I love it!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

He never stops!!

Kohen started scooting a week or so ago which wasn't bad, but now he can crawl and fast!! I left him on my bedroom floor in front of the mirror to play while I finished my hair, before I could get the dryer out and on, I look down and he is trying to crawl up my leg! AAHH! He is insame, he never stops!! Now his new thing is to crawl under things. First it was the coffee table, he would crawl underneath it and knock everything around he could find. Then he was not only knocking things down, we found him gnawing on the edge of the table!! Yeah like a have a freaking puppy or something. I know he is teething and all, but no one told me he was going to chew on things!! All my furniture has Kohen's little chomper marks all over it now including my legs if I don't pick him up fast enough!! (he gets impatient when he can't pull himself up and starts digging his chompers into whatever he is holding ie. my leg or arm!
Now he likes to crawl under his exersauser and play which is good, I don't care if he wants to chew on that but of course, he doesn't want to!
Here is his step by step.
Happy he sees a hut to crawl under and trys to get all his toys to take with him...

Has his hands full of his puzzle and takes a few balls with him.

Gets bored, now skips the gnawing of the furniture and decides to come out the other side.

Gets caught on the little ledge and high centers himself and starts screaming until I come and rescue him.

Trys to pull himself up on his toy, falls 3 times before finally getting up and now doesn't know what to do. He could try playing with some of the toys he finally reached...

Oh no! He would rather reach for me because he wants to be held while he plays with his toys.

And down he goes because he couldn't quite reach me :(

He is so stinkin cute. But I'm waiting for the day he can play by himself and not need me right by his side to be happy and able to play with his toys! I've been waiting 8 months and it still hasn't happened so I'm beginning to think it's a lost cause! People tell me to just let him cry which I have tried and I do let him do sometimes but one look in those sad puppy eyes and he has me wrapped around that pint size pinky!!! I love that little man.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Justin Phillipps Cunningham

Justin Phillipps Cunningham 3/21/1984 ~ 10/15/2005 Not a day has gone by these past three years that we don't think about you and miss your beautiful smile. We know you are sending us kisses from above and we send them back to you too! Keep looking over us all, especially your brother in Guatemala, he is depending on your companionship. Until we meet again, your loving family, Grandpa and Grandma C., aunts, uncles and cousins. Condie Lane is not the same without you!
(Salt Lake Tribune)

Can't believe it has been 3 years since Justin has left us! Some days it feels like he has been gone forever and then there are still those days you wait for him to come popping around the corner like he has never left. Justin was adventurous, crazy, loving, outgoing, well lets just say there was never a dull moment when he was around, he was sure to make every minute with him count! We love him and miss him much but know we WILL see him again. I am so greatful to know the plan of salvation and families will be together FOREVER! Kohen will see and know his Uncle Justinko! Not to get all emotional on you... but I remember thinking that when he left the day of his funeral, that when our kids came how sad it will be for them not know their Uncle Justin. Every kid should have an uncle like him. We have many pictures and stories that will be shown and told over and over again so that they will know him when that time comes. Kohen is a never ending moving machine that doesn't like to hold still or anyone to show him what to do (I think I know where he got it, and I truly think Justin hand picked him out to send to us!) Can't you tell this kid was loved by everyone? Just look at all that stuff and how cute his grave is!! We love you and miss you dearly!! Gone but NEVER forgotten!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Weekend Getaway!

This weekend we went up to the Zurmatt Resort to spend the weekend to hang out together. I love hanging out with the fam. We always have a fun time. On Friday night we went on the Heebie Creebie. Which is also known as the Heber Creber and also where they do the Polar Express. It was pretty fun. It was a 35 minute train ride where they tell spooky stories and there are scenes outside the train that we passed, and on the way back the train broke down AAAAHHHHH!! Then all the spooky story characters climbed on our train and scared us all on the way back. We had lots of fun!!

The next day we just lounged around and Tish made us some yummy yummy pumpkin waffles that she made from scratch. Check out her cooking blog to get the recipe. I would have to say these are a keeper! They were so delicious. Thanks Tish!!!
Aunt Tish let Kohen and Tennison take a bath together while Trav and went to the spa.

Best Buds playing with their monsters in their spider jammies.

We of course had to hit up the outlets too. This is Kohen's new snowsuit we got him. It was so funny to watch him in it. He couldn't even move.

He had so much padding he just laughed when he fell over because he didn't feel a thing!

He looks like a marshmallow! He's so SQUEEZABLE!!

St. George

We were in St. George over confrence weekend to do a little shopping and relaxing. It was really nice to not do much all weekend but shop. Trav took Kohen everyday we were down there so Karen and I could shop til we dropped.
So we didn't get too many pictures but we did get a good picture when we went to visit Trav's grandma and granpa Cunningham. Oh I almost forgot that some of us did go and see the play Les Miserables. It was suprisingly so good. I guess because I wasn't expecting much but I ended up loving it, rain and all. Yeah, it poured rain on us and we were just laughing and cuddling with each other. Too bad I didn't get a picture of us there :(

The cute 4 generations of the Cunningham's

Kohen was screaming so Trav threw his headphones on him to try and quiet him down and he froze like he was hit with a stun gun. It was so funny. He didn't move a muscle the whole time. I guess you can say he loved it. Now he and Peyton can cruise around the villa together rocking out!

He did really well on the long ride. I thought he would be awake and cry the whole way home, but he didn't he was pretty happy and fell asleep for most of it anyway. I was playing 'where's baby' with him and he thinks it is so funny he laughs so hard so this picture is of him playing with me.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Last weekend we hiked up to the falls. We decided to take Kohen with us and it was quite the hike. I swear it gets harder and harder each year. (maybe it's from the lack of shape I am in as the months pass) But anyway Trav was such a trooper and pretty much carried Kohen in the baby bijorn the whole way! I did carry him for about 20 minutes but only to feed him. (which we found pretty funny and Trav took a beautiful picture so we could remember the greatness of his invention!) oh well! The hike itself is so beautiful especially with the leaves turning colors.

It was a really nice hike, and once up there it is so peaceful!!
We will be going up there again not this weekend but next if anyone is up for it!!
We love you Justin and miss you!!
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My love and I in sunny Seattle