Friday, January 23, 2009

oH bOy!

mom doing laundry + quietness of baby = bad situation!!
Kohen figured how to dump EVERYTHING from the garbage can in the bathroom to the toilet.

(Don't worry I'm not lucky enough for that to be a turd in the toilet... it's just a whoppin' heap of Trav's and Kohen's hair from their BUZZ FEST the other night!! A lot more fun for me to clean out than just flushing a turd. Just one more reason for me to rant over the dreaded haircut!) OH HAPPY DAY!!
**NOTE TO SELF: never leave the bathroom door open with a bored toddler around!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kohen's first haircut...tear...

I know, I made a huge mistake!! I let Trav talk me into letting him give Kohen his first haircut (ok it was more of a buzz than a trim like he told me.) It's better if we don't talk too much about it, I'm quite depressed. Trav told me he would use the longest attachment so it would just take off a little. Nope, not the case. He's pretty much bald. Oh boy I hope it grows back fast. I want his mohawk back!!
(ok look at that hair, I admit he did need a little haircut. BUT A BUZZ?)

Dad gave him the haircut, I just cleaned it up after it was too late to save his lucious locks!

A few randoms

This is what happens when dad babysits...

(he ends up with socks on his hands and feet so he slips and slides all over the floor)

Kohen likes to play hide and go seek now. Especially under the sink.
Ok, look at that crazy hair. Hence the reason for his haircut that I'm so depressed about.

A little more of Peoria

I know this post is super late but a couple of these pictures are really cool so I wanted to share them all with you. While in Peoria visiting ma and pa we went to Carthage Jail again. It was a very spiritual and touching experience everytime we go there. It is so awesome.
That's Grandma and Kohen outside of the jail.

That top window behind us is the window Joseph Smith fell out of when he was killed by the mob.

How cool are these picutres? That is dad sitting in the window that Joseph Smith fell out of, but the picture is taken through the actual bullet hole in the door that killed Hyrum. What a powerful picture!

That's our little fam through the bullet hole and the famous window!

Our fam... Trav, me, Kohen. Dad and Mom. Tish and Trevor.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Private Please...

I love to blog but I am a lot more hesitant to post things that I want to because of fear of who sees it. So, we are forced to go private because I use the blog as more of a journal to document Kohen's life than anything else. We would LOVE to invite all of you... friends, family, and even our blog stalkers out there so be sure to leave us your e-mail as a comment or you can e-mail it to me! ( We want to continue to share our crazy life with you because let's be honest we LOVE to blog stalk all of you too! So drop us your e-mail so we can add ya!! Blog on Blogga's!


My love and I in sunny Seattle