Sunday, September 21, 2008

Could it be?

So I'm sitting in church with Kohen as he is screaming (which is nothing new for us, that kid does not sit still and is only silent when he is sleeping) And Cynthia (Trav's cute aunt) slips me some bread she had stashed for her own kids, so I start ripping it apart and shoving little pieces into Kohen's mouth to keep him quiet. I rubbed my fingers along his bottom gums as I was putting it in there and I felt something rough. I just thought WOW I haven't felt his little gums before they feel wierd! So Trav has to finally take him out (like we do every Sunday) So when I go to find them after sacrament, Trav says 'Chris found Kohen's first tooth' I was really confused, I thought they were playing a trick on me, like Chris had found a little kids tooth on the ground and was pretending it was Kohen's and was going to whip it out of his pocket or something... (just a little note: you have to know Trav and Chris to realize why I would have such a random and ridiculous thought like that) anyway I sat there dumbfounded racking my brain trying to figure out what they were saying, Finally I put it together... could that weird feeling in Kohen's mouth be a tooth? No, I've heard babies are so naughty, get runny noses, have diarreah, and even run a fever when they get teeth, and he has had none of these, so I stuck my finger in his mouth again to rub it. It was only rough in that one spot on the bottom. Of course I try to look in there and he just sticks that crazy tongue out of his whenever you touch near his mouth. I finally got a shot of his bottom gums and there it was!! KOHEN REALLY DID SPROUT HIS FIRST TOOTH!!! What the heck? It just sprouted overnight? I'm freaking out just a little because now I'm nervous that he is going to look like a snaggle tooth with one little lopsided tooth! And plus does teeth or even A tooth qualify your kid to the toddler stage? This means no more nursing right? That would be fabulous for me, but Kohen won't take formula... This will change his whole look which I'm not ready for? I never thought a tooth would be such a big deal but this tooth sprouting has me really bugged! Maybe I should just knock it out?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Helping Daddy

Holding on for dear life on his wheelbarrow ride.

Getting squished like a bug.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I love the FAIR!!

I know I'm super late posting but we had the privlege to go to the fair not once, but TWICE this year!! I know that place is crawling with diseases like gonorea but I absolutely love the fair. Here's why: a) the people that work there are nuts! b)the sideshow building has the craziest sights you have ever seen! c) the crazy, stinky animals and not to forget the largest animals you have ever seen. d) the giant yellow slide. e) they have deep fried anything at about every stand you walk up to (ie. corn dogs, sausage dogs, pb&j's, snickers, oreos, twinkies, funnel cakes... need I go on) and though it's sad to say we did try each of these delicious (some not so delicious) ammenities! What more could you ask for in one night? ok, maybe some sanatizing wipes, but hey it was so worth it!

The Fam

The Crew

Yummy (ok, not so much!)

I'm not gonna lie that pig was disgusting. Even Kohen was nervous to go by it. EWWH!

Our Family Tree

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to Trav!

Happy Birthday to Trav... again!

Carly and I made these cakes cuz we thought we we're expert cake decorators and we failed BIG TIME!! Oh well, it was hilarious and we had fun while decorating them. haha Thanks Carly! (p.s. that is a free hand drawing of a tractor, and tools on the other cake in case you couldn't tell :)

Kohen sippin on Dad's root beer!

They not only look alike, they dress alike too! Look how cute they are in their matching shirts! (we didn't plan this, it just so happens that almost all of Kohen's onsies now have DIE TRYING on them and Trav has lots of these shirts to he loves to wear so they match quite often now!)cute cute

This could be long!

I haven't posted for a while so here a few random pictures of what we've been up to..
Kohen giving his girlfriend baby Jordyn loves... I think she loves him!

Cousin Tennison loves to give Kohen hugs...

But not nearly as much as Kohen loves to give kisses!!!

ouch! let go of Tennison's cheek!

Blade doesn't love Kohen's kisses as much, he runs when Kohen gets in his face.


My love and I in sunny Seattle