Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One day I might look back on this and laugh... 
Okay, I already laugh every single day at my one-of-a-kind, crazy husband.  I was looking through pictures and figured I HAD to post about our investments (I mean HIS) investments before I forget all about them.  Maybe I should preface this with all that Trav does.   Most of you know that Trav works construction with his dad.  He has for years and years.  He keeps really busy with all he does and is such a hard worker.  What some of you don't know is that Trav is like a secret ninja.  He is a real estate agent, and a used-car salesman.  He also is obsessed with muscle cars.  And lastly, he works with his just-as-crazy friend, Chris Jackson. Travis surprises me on a daily basis with his shenanigans. One day they (Trav and Chris) came home with a used full sized bus.  Yes, this is true, a 52 passenger yellow school bus! Why? some of you might ask??? Because he is Travis.  For the first few weeks we picked up the church basketball team with their families and drove them to their games.  It actually was quite fun and hilarious especially trying to drive it up Winder Dairy Lane taking the team to get ice cream after one of the games.  Those of you that have been to the dairy know the lane we had to go up and how impossible it is to get a bus up it.  It was quite the adventure.  The spoken reason that Trav and Chris wanted to buy the bus is to turn it into a tail-gating vehicle and take to the games.  That dream faded when they came across this beauty....
The RV of their dreams... It is like 13 years old and in mint condition.  They found it at the car auction that the boys go to every week.  It was a steal of a deal and they just had to buy it.  So now the bus is sold (which got the most phone calls of any car he has ever tried to sell in the least amount of time and sold in a day) and we are left to party in this beast of a machine.   I do shake my head and give him a lot of grief for the shenanigans that do go on, but I do have to admit that we have a great time with all the things he comes up with.  And HEY, at least our children will have great childhood memories!
Next to come is the ski boat purchase that he recently bought.  That one didn't turn out so well, so we will see if he gets that thing up and running :) I love that crazy husband of mine.  There literally is never a dull moment with him.

Kohen and Knox enjoying 'Bumblebee' at the car show in St. George

Our newest pets... 20 quail, followed by 20 pheasants to roam free in our backyard!  
That was not her drink that spilt... sorry Grams!
All dressed up in his suspenders and bow tie with a side of porky rolls!... headed to Aunt Bridget's bridal shower.  hehe

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Randoms to catch up

Random Recap to catch up a little...

Lil Studs ready for church.
Happy New Year! (Knox rang it in sleeping like a baby)
Cute lil man (Kohen thought he had poop on his shirt but it was just the fuzzy crown.)
Fall fun
Thanksgiving '10

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy 4th BIRTHDAY!

Happy 4th Birthday my little Jedi!
Kohen's Star Wars Birthday was a blast from the past. He loves watching Star Wars and playing Star Wars so we had to have a Star Wars birthday. Who would have thought. The boys had a lot of fun going through Jedi training in order to earn their light saber and robes! Look out Siths, these Jedis are ready.
Knox even got in on some Saber action.

Darth Vader was no match for them.
Kohen is armed with his imaginary light saber at all times. He has the most creative imagination a boy could have. He is very energetic and loving. He is the 'boss' of his brother at all times and loves him very much! We are so lucky to have such a fun, creative, witty, funny, and sensitive boy in our lives. We love your guts Picklehead, Happy Birthday Ko!


My love and I in sunny Seattle