Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy 4th BIRTHDAY!

Happy 4th Birthday my little Jedi!
Kohen's Star Wars Birthday was a blast from the past. He loves watching Star Wars and playing Star Wars so we had to have a Star Wars birthday. Who would have thought. The boys had a lot of fun going through Jedi training in order to earn their light saber and robes! Look out Siths, these Jedis are ready.
Knox even got in on some Saber action.

Darth Vader was no match for them.
Kohen is armed with his imaginary light saber at all times. He has the most creative imagination a boy could have. He is very energetic and loving. He is the 'boss' of his brother at all times and loves him very much! We are so lucky to have such a fun, creative, witty, funny, and sensitive boy in our lives. We love your guts Picklehead, Happy Birthday Ko!


Krista said...

Love this! Who was the unlucky Darth Vader?

**Cunningham's** said...

haha, Dallas always gets the role of the 'Villian'


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