Wednesday, January 30, 2008

8 days and counting...

Oh my! Only 8 days left and I can't stand it. I hurt in every part of my body and can't wait for this little fella to get here!!! His nursery is finally almost all done, I just have odds and ends left so I feel a lot better and I'm not stressing out as much. Well, hopefully lil' Kohen Justin gets here sooner than the 8 days, Trav and I can't wait to meet him and squeeze him!! (sorry rack no pictures, I can't bring myself to post fat faced pictures! It disgusts me.)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ahh, arent' they the cutest dogs ever? We took Blade and Missy to the doggy spa to get cleaned up!! They were not happy about it but they got the cutest matching bandanas for New Years. We tried to keep them on as party favors but Blade tore his off and Missy was body slamming into things to try and rub it off so we ended up letting them be party poopers. Meg, Dave, Peyton, and Carson came over for a little New Years party. The boys loved the dogs and the rocking horse! It was a blast.


Yay!! Us girls finally got to get together in a long long time. Raquel moved away to Ohio while her husband finishes school so haven't seen her in what seems like forever!! It was so much fun getting together and catching up on all of our gossip!! (that's what we do best) I love these girls so much, they mean the world to me, and I am so glad that we still get together when we can. We'll all be forever friends! Love ya girlies!!


My love and I in sunny Seattle