Thursday, December 25, 2008


I have never been in weather sooo cold!! We went to the Chicago Bears game on Monday night. It was a very fun and exciting game but it was also a record breaking game. Not only did rookie Matt Forte rush for the most yards as a rookie, but it was the COLDEST home Bears game in history. Yep that's right weighing in at a -12 degrees. I think I had 4 layers of pants on including snow pants, and 6 layers up top!! No joke I have never felt anything so cold, it was piercing! Tish and I were laughing at the weather warnings the news kept flashing on t.v. about not going outside with exposed skin if you didn't have to... well folks that warning was no joke! We sat out in that weather for 6 hours watching da Bears beat the Packers in overtime and then I found a little frost bite the next day. OUCH! It was such a fun game to go to with my dad to watch our favorite Bears. Don't worry we left Kohen at the hotel with Nana and Aunt Tish while Trav, Trevor, Dad, and I went to the game! Here's just a few picutres of us...

Nice look Pa!

We almost didn't get in... Dad lost the tickets about 3 times in 15 minutes. Trav was the lifesaver. Thanks for keeping him in check Trav.

Dad and Trevor

They advertised ice cold drinks... fancy that... all they had was bottled water that turned to ice in the first 20 minutes of the game if you dind't drink it (the fountain drink machine was frozen), or the drink of choice except for the only 4 non-drinking fans, (trav, trev, dad, and myself) was ice cold beer. Literally speaking ICE cold beer.

Me & Trav just trying to keep warm!

Dad and Trevor

I love you Walt!

Pre-game. Why am I the only one up? Oh yeah, the rest were snuggling each other to keep warm! Go Bears!!

Trav and I in front of the original stadium pillars.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

no more MIA... hopefully

I know I have been MIA for a while, but with finals and all I told myself I couldn't blog because I swear this blogging world is a huge black hole that consumes way too much of my time. Does anyone else feel the same? Once I start looking at everyone's blog, 3 hours have gone by that I will never get back and for what? guilty spying pleasure!...
Anyway now that finals are done we have a semi normal life back, if only I can get my camera sent back to me now I can continue with this exciting life of mine. ha!

Last night Kami, Alli, baby Jordyn, and myself finally got together to do dinner which we have been trying to do for about 3 weeks! It was a fun and crazy time like always! Of course Kohen just wanted to get his lips on his girlfriend Jordyn. They will be the cutest couple ever one day!!! I love you girls!


My love and I in sunny Seattle