Sunday, April 19, 2009

a little bit of our Easter

We had a pretty chill Easter. With church at 9:00am there was no way we were waking up to do an egg hunt before church, so we had our 1st egg before the yummy dinner at Grandma Condie's, then we hunted for our special golden egg after dinner.

Dad helped Kohen fly his first kite after dinner too because the weather was just so nice. He was so hyped up on sugar from the candy he even let Orville pick him up and hold him with out screaming bloody murder!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

ride baby ride

Kami finally talked me into getting a rode bike a few weeks ago, and if that wasn't enough she talked me into riding a 65 mile bike ride 2 weeks later down in St. George. Crazy I know... Last weekend was our big bike race. We rode 70 miles in about 5 hours. It was the longest 5 hours of my and my butt's life, but we finished!! Cheers to team Kemo!

Feeling pretty good about myself...

Kami and I before the race... we're always a team so of course we had to match... right down to the nail polish!!

And at last the whole team!! Kami, Chaz, me, Kim, Joe

Don't give Kohen any credit... all he did was sit and wait for 5 hours while we did all the work!!


My love and I in sunny Seattle