Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lots of our this and thats...

Kohen loves cuddling with Daddy but only when Elmo can cuddle too!

Kohen loves his bubble baths!!

Last Sunday we went up to Grandma Condie's cabin in Vivian Park to play. Daddy and Aunt MJ aka corruptive Chelsea taught koko how to long board! He loved it!!

This is Kohen's buddies Zach and Mack at Mack's 1st Brithday party!! Kohen loves playing with his homies.

Zach got the coolest new swing set so we had to go over and play on it!!

And lastly a little of the rest of our trip out to see Grandma and Papa Erickson.
Kohen loved helping Grandpa water the flower and plants. We let him cruise diapie free for a while since he loves to be naked.

Grandma made him feel better with popcicles and loves while Grandpa taught him how to hold the club with 2 hands and the correct way to swing a golf club. Grandpa was in heaven!!

Kohen in his favorite outfit with his new rain boots!


My love and I in sunny Seattle