Monday, July 28, 2008

Welcome Zachary Burton Jackson!!!

Finally Zachary Burton Jackson came to play with Kohen!! We have been waiting for him, it seems like forever. But he is finally here and so cute. He looks like his daddy. Chris & Melissa just bought a house and moved out of ours. (tear) We are so happy for them but are going to miss them like CRAZY!! Ok, so they are just around the corner, but still thats like BFE when you're use to just walking down the stairs. I know Chris will be over for his "erronds" I just don't know how he'll live without his DVR? Well, Congrats on Zachary... and don't worry, I'm working on Melissa to get a blog ASAP! You too Collin ya slug!!

Congrats Kenny!

Yep, that's down town Kenny Brown that got hitched this weekend to a cute southern girl. (Krista) We are so excited for them!

Happy 24th

We had a super fun 24th. We had Kenny's wedding dinner up at Trio, then we rushed back to hit the famous Condie fireworks at the pool! Kohen was in his jammies and ready for bed but he just couldn't take his eyes off of the pretty fireworks. Plus Aunt Shelly gave him a cool glow stick that he wouldn't let go of. Look at poor Melissa, she was so uncomfortable, but not to worry, that babe popped out just a day after this picture :) We love you Zachary.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I haven't updated for a while so the slideshow is just of randoms that we've done the last week or so. We went fishing up in Naughton with Grandma and Grandpa and caught lots of fish to bring home to bbq. We've been swimming at the pool, celebrating Trevor's birthday and going to the mountains for cook outs. I love summer because there are so many fun things to do outside and we love spending our time with the fam!! We miss you mom, dad, Dal & Cade. We Love You!!

What we've been up to...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cowboy up!

So here we are for the 4th of July and with boys there is no dressing them cute with bows, skirts, and bracelets for any holiday, so I found the cutest cowboy outfit for Kohen. I just had to jump at the opportunity to buy it since it's the closest to dressing up that I will get to do with him without Trav making fun of him. I know I'm stretching it a bit but I relate 4th of July with rodeos so the Cowboy getup works for me, plus Trav thought it was hilarious and he looked super cute in his cowboy hat! Kohen loved the fireworks but got kinda bored with them after a few minutes. Thought ya might love this little cowboy grandpa!! Giddy Up Yo!!

Rice Cereal is my favorite treat!!

Yep we've started Kohen on rice cereal finally, even though the doc said to wait til 6 months he is way too busy and crazy to not give it to him. He wants to eat any and everything else we have in our hands so I figured it was time to start him because if not I'm afraid he would have gotten his own cereal and started it himself. He is so busy that I can't even shovel it in his mouth fast enough before he reaches for the spoon and spills it all over himself, me, the high chair, the floor and anything else in reach. I love this monster but he is very trying at times and his poop is starting to stink now that he's eating cereal. I miss that cute non-stinky good ole' yellow poop!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Wow, we haven't updated for a while. Who has time to sit in front of a computer when it's so nice outside. Ok, it might be a little too nice!! It's freaking hot out there. Anyway, Kohen has been sick the last week or so, with a fever and not pooping regularly so we've dealt with a not happy little boy. I'm sure all those who have babies know what I mean when I say your heart breaks when you hear them scream because something is wrong and you don't know what, why, or how to help them. It is the saddest thing ever! What was even worse was when we were at the docs and they had to do a catheter up his peepee. His eyes got huge and started bawling. This should not be allowed for little babies! They needed to run tests on his urine (which came back normal) then they sent us to do blood work. I don't know which one was worse to hold him through? The needle was huge compared to his lil' arm and it took forever, I think we had a nurse in training. If that still wasn't enough we had to give him his shots on Tuesday which threw his tempature through the roof again and his crankiness came back. One of his shots got infected so if you even came close to his leg he would give out the saddest little pout. :( Oh well, we got all that done and things have come back to normal so far, we're just waiting on his poop to come back from the lab to see if that was the problem. It has not been a fun week, but things are looking better. He's started sleeping through the night better than he did before he was sick so that is a positive! Probably cuz I have to drug the little man before he has to go to bed! Here's just a few pictures in his bumbo that he loves and his high chair. He loves to sit up and see what's going on, but won't sit on his own yet. He is quite stubborn... don't know where he gets that from? He has started rolling back and forth, which is sad he seems so old, especially around Alli's new baby Jordyn. He looks huge! He IS huge. While I'm updating I'll just say Dallas hit his one year mark last week (One more year to go) Mom and Dad hit their one year mark (two more slow years to go :(, and Cade is almost to his one year mark! Time is flying by this summer I can't believe how fast things have gone. Well, Happy Blogging!


My love and I in sunny Seattle