Thursday, March 27, 2008

I decided to finally update my blog while I have a few minutes while Trav is trying to entertain Kohen by dancing for him to some Scottish music... I wish I could put the video on here for you all to see but it's kind of disturbing :) I can't believe how big Kohen is getting, he's 6 weeks old and has outgrown all of his newborn outfits and has even moved up a diaper size. It makes me so sad. I cried when he outgrew my favorite train outfit :( Trav says he has my chin..... and his second chin. Staying home with him is so challenging all day since he doesn't like to sleep while we're at home where it is nice and quite, he only sleeps if we are out shopping or in the car or any place it is busy and noisy which is nice but it gets tiring taking him out all day. But I wouldn't give him up for anything. Even when he has crying fits at one o'clock in the morning. (those are good times) He is our everything and we love love LOVE him to death. We can't wait for all of our friends that are pregnant to pop out their kids so we have some friends to cruise around the zoo with. Pregnancy is spreading like the plague around here, we counted 7 of our friends that are pregnant. We are so excited for you all! Here's a few updated pictures since I'm really bad at updating this thing.

Kohen loves his swing!!
Peyton wanted Kohen to play ball with him so bad, he kept throwing the ball in his carseat but Kohen wasn't having any of it...
Kohen was playing under cousin Tennison's playmat and Tennison got a little jealous and wanted to play too! Tennison is a ham for cameras. Look at that smile.
4 Generations of Cunningham's :)


My love and I in sunny Seattle