Friday, July 24, 2009

Girls Weekend

A few weekends ago Kami, Megan, and I escaped to St. George for the weekend! We got there Thursday nightFriday we woke up to get ready to head to Vegas, before leaving for Vegas Dave (Megan's husband) called and said that Peyton's pic line fell out of his little body and blood was squirting out. Dave got him to the hospital to get it fixed and all was well so Megan could relax and have fun. (not a fun thing to hear when you are 5 hours away and are helpless) We got to Vegas and went shopping, saw the show Jersey Boys, and went to a funny dinner in some hotel) We then got up and went swimming for a few hours before heading back to St. George. We got back to St. George and got ready to go see Footloose at Tuacahn when I realized I didn't have my wallet... what? (empty stomach feeling right about now as I realize I left it at the gas station we stopped out back in Vegas before heading home) After spending over an hour on the phone trying to remember the name of the place and a phone number we found it and luckily Megan's sister in law was able to go and pick it up and mail it me. whew!! So we went to dinner at Entrada (which was delish) then headed to Footloose!! It was such a blast!! We had so much fun talking, laughing, sweating, and just being crazy. We watched Twilight 3 times because everynight we were so tired by the time we decided to watch it we never got through it. HA! Good Times!! I love my friends, Where would I be without them? Thanks girls for a sane reality check weekend!!

He's Home

Dallas got home from his mission. After staying 6 weeks out with mom and dad he is finally here. He is staying with us for the year mom and dad are still out on their mission. He has been so fun to have around (and handy, a great live-in babysitter and yard worker. What's not to love?) He loves Kohen and Kohen loves to dance in his room! They are so funny together.
Tennison and Kohen waiting to see Uncle Oink.

Kohen's favorite part was riding the escalators and moving walkway!

We spent the 4th of July bbqing with the Jackson's. It's never a dull moment with Uncle Chris around. He did a sparkler fire dance for the kids (only Kohen and Zach) But he was practicing in hopes to be hired for the Condie's 24th pool party. Keep practicing bud you are almost there. Kohen loved to do sparklers and wanted to touch all the fun fireworks!!

We've also had fun playing with cousin Tennison and baby G-man. Those boys are so cute together!


My love and I in sunny Seattle