Sunday, August 31, 2008


Karen had these cute shirts made for Kohen and his 'posse' in memory of Kohen's Uncle Justinko. Justin might be gone but there are too many funny story to let him be forgotten. Kohen will definately know who Justin was.

Kohen, Baby Helm (still in Carly's belly, she'll have to add some jewels to it) Zachary, and Mack.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Zoo fun!

Kohen turned into a turtle

Don't get in Kohen's way, he loves to give kisses and poor Peyton is always the one around to receive them! haha I love this picture, but the funny thing is I have like 7 of Kohen putting Peyton in a head lock and kissing his face.

Kohen and me

Megan with Peyton and Carson (Peyts on the left, and Carson on the right. They look like twins so I just had to specify who is who)

The boys are still playing together after a long day at the zoo. Peyt and Carson love to push the hamper around (especially with Kohen in it)

Thanks for hanging out with us all day Meg! It was so much fun, Kohen loves to get beat on the head by Carson, and Kohen loves to attack Peyton! They are the best of friends already!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the cutest, funnest, silliest dad ever...

Two-headed Monster... RRAAARRRR!!!

I can't tell who's cuter?

My 2 favorite boys, all tuckered out! (Trav showing some leg!)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy '1/2' Birthday Kohen!

Today is Kohen's 1/2 Birthday. Yep that's right, we've made it 6 months together! Hip hip horray! Mom and Dad had a Leadership meeting at their house with 12 Zone Leaders! Dad made sure Kohen was part of their meeting, we made him cupcakes to celebrate and they got to take a picture with the Birthday Man! Here's just a few pics...

Our fun cupcakes

Kohen and the Zone Leaders

Kohen with Grandma, Grandpa, and their assistants.

Kohen, Grandma, Grandpa, AP's, & Zone Leaders

He kept trying to pull them off the table.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back in Peoria

Ok, so here we are back in Peoria once again. I know 3 times in a year might be excessive but I figure now that I have a baby I can blame my homesickness (mom and daddy sickness that is) on Kohen wanting to see them. (nice excuse huh?) Anyway, my mom is turning half a century this month (sorry for spilling the age ma) so I thought it would be fun to suprise her. My dad had to drag her to the airport late Wednesday night. He had told her that one of their Elders that was suppose to come out and didn't was finally going to come out. She was so excited to get him that she was driving dad a little crazy. She was planning on where they would send this Elder to serve and who his comp would be, she was trying to get his medical records ready and many other hectic things that they have to get ready when a new missionary is coming out... so pretty much the whole mission had to be in on our suprise because she just kept trying to get ready for this Elder. She wasn't feeling well and was running a fever so she just tole dad to go and pick him up but dad was being stubborn and had to stand their until she rolled off the couch to get in the car. We finally got off the plane it took a little while because they didn't get my car seat onto the second plane (just my luck) so I was trying to figure out when it could get here. Anyway, I turned the corner and was walking toward them (the airport is super small) I was staring right at my mom and she was staring at me but not saying anything or acting suprised so I figured the suprise had been ruined, someone must have slipped. So I just kept walking toward them until I was right in front of her, then finally KKOHENNN!! She was staring right at me and didn't recognize me until I practically stop in front of her and she look down at Kohen and noticed him and then looked back up at me again and noticed me. She was screaming and laughing. It was so hilarious. She said she was just looking for an Elder in a suit so she wasn't paying too much attention to us. It was so funny. (I did cut my hair really short since I have last seen them so that helped with the suprise factor) I was so glad that the suprise had stayed a secret and she was suprised!! We are having lots of fun, here are a few pics for now, I'll post more later when we get home!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!
(I have no idea who that guy was but he seemed to enjoy the suprise too :)

This is my mom's suprised face when she finally recognized it was Kohen and not her Elder.

...Grandpa and Kohen reunite...It was a LLOONNGG trip again, poor Kohen looks like a rug rat because the air was out on our last flight so I had to strip him naked to calm him down plus he had rice cereal ALL over his face and clothes and all over me!

Kohen absolutely LOVES to suck on Grandma!! She is just so loveable.


My love and I in sunny Seattle