Friday, December 14, 2007

Merry Christmas Yo!!! You are not mistaken, that is a real mustache!! Trav thought it would be great to finally shave his sick-o beard he had been growing for weeks and when he came out of the bathroom he came out with a highway patrol-man stache. Ewh!! Of course no matter how much I complained he got to keep it for ONE day. He thought it was so funny we took a few silly family pictures in front of the Christmas tree for memory sakes. Next thing I know I come home from work and Trav had turned the pictures into Christmas cards and was ready to send them out to all. I had to monitor who got one of these priceless pictures because it could be used as blackmail!! Me being 7 months pregnant with our crazy dogs and an old man husband that used a snowman teacup as a prop for our picture perfect Christmas photo. Oh what a Merry Family. Feliz Navidad to all!!! MWA-HA-HA.

Monday, November 26, 2007

So as you all know I have the greatest family EVER!! My mom and dad are serving as Mission Presidents in the Peoria, Illinois mission. Those have to be the luckiest missionaries out there!! They love it and are so super busy. Trav and I got to go visit them back in September when they had time to get settled in (okay I only gave them about a month before I missed them so much I had to go out and see them) We went to Nauvoo with them and got to go through the temple out there. It was amazing. We went to Carthage jail and tour a lot of the sights the pioneers traveled including the huge river. It was insane, truly breathtaking to see it in person and imagine what they went through. It was such an amazing atmosphere everywhere there. We met quite a few of their missionaries from their area at a picnic they were having. They all couldn't stop telling me what awesome parents I have!! (They love to have a mission pres with such a wacky sense of humor) They are so loved out there and are changing so many lives. It still doesn't seem fair that they get to have my parents for 3 years but it doens't look like my say has any toll in the matter so I have learned to deal with it. I plan on going out there as much as possible and taking my dad to da BEARS game!!! (hopefully next season) GO BEARS!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

look at our little tyke growing...
Trav and I are expecting our first baby in February (wow) I never realized how hard it would be to name the little guy so if you have any suggestions or likes let us know...


My love and I in sunny Seattle