Friday, May 30, 2008

Daddy sitting

I decided to go back to school this summer so I can just get done with my schooling. I'm a senior at the U and have 30 credit hours left. (yay!!) So that means daddy gets to babysit. I think it's more like torture Kohen time. Kohen and Trav are best buddies but Trav likes to pretend that Kohen is already 5 years old. He tries to make him ride Blade and drive in the bobcat with him.
He wants him to eat everything he eats so I look over and Trav wants him to taste bbq sauce off his ribs that would probably send the little guy into shock and give him diarreah for weeks. Maybe that's why only Trav can get him to sleep at night. Normally Kohen likes to cry himself to sleep, no matter how you hold him or what you sing to him once he is tired he fights going to sleep so he cries until he wears himself out. These picture pretty much sum up our nights. But lately Trav has bounced him to sleep before all the crying begins which seems like a little bit of heaven. He's even got him to bed before 10... can you say miracle? We love dads babysitting techniques even though they get a little scary sometimes he's sure to make him all BOY!!

The tongue

Kohen has had this fettish with that tongue of his. Ever since birth he loves to stick his tongue out. I kinda thought it would go away as time went on but I think it has only gotten worse. We love to go to the zoo and be outside and I've discovered that he loves to feel the wind on his tongue. Any time you blow on his face or the wind blows, out pops his tongue to taste the air. It is so funny. I try to get pictures of his smiles but they always turn into to tongue pictures and that's all I get. So here are a few slobber pictures of him at the zoo and that stinkin tongue. Trav hates this hat he has, he thinks he looks retarded but I love it and it keeps the sun off his head so everytime I turn around he takes it off and I have to search for it. What a bum huh?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day

So I'm really late posting about Mothers Day as usual, I can never keep up but I had a fabulous Mothers Day. Trav suprised me with my right hand ring!! I've always wanted a pave right hand ring for some time now, and when I woke up there was this little gold box all wrapped up sitting next to my bathroom sink. I didn't have a good picture of it, this is the only picture I had. Of course I still had to wear it on Mother's Day even though it was too big so that's why it is on my pointer finger haha. (it's getting sized right now) He also got me my favorite carmel apple (that his mom made me in the candy factory) and a box of all my favorite chocolates. Being a mom is seriously the hardest thing I have ever done. Kohen is such a momma's boy and wants to be held ALL DAY. So unless he is sleeping, he's pretty much in my arms which doesn't let me get hardly anything done around the house. He is the absolute cutest thing ever so I don't mind holding him, but it does get tiring. I just don't have the heart to let him sit and cry in his crib, it breaks my heart plus he gets so mad he starts throwing up. So now I know why there is and should be a whole day devoted to Mothers!!! I think there should be a Mother's month!! :)
Now to brag a little about the GREATEST mom's in my life. First there is Karen, my mother-in-law and for all of you that know her, know what a wonderful, selfless, giving person she is. She is the hippest most stylish grandma out there! She is such a big help to Trav and I with Kohen. She watches him Tuesday nights for a few hours while Trav and I are at school. (this is not an easy task, especially when he doesn't like taking bottles) She had this hold on Kohen where she bounces him in mid-air and is SO tiring on your arms (he loves it!) and she will do it for hours with him to keep him from crying. He loves his Nanny Karen. Karen is an angel and so willing to help everyone out! Her heart is bigger than anyone I know (that's where Trav gets it from :)) We love her so much!!!
My mom is the most wonderful mom alive!! She not only flew out with 12 hour lay overs when Kohen was born just to be able to come out and help me, but she slept on my couch for 10 days!! What a women she is. I guess she is pretty use to the couch for waiting up for all us kids for so many years making sure we got home safe so late at nights, but still... she was up every night she heard Kohen crying no matter what time of the night it was and let me sleep while she rocked him back to sleep. Plus she was taking care of all 135 missionaries back home with sickness and ouchies that would call her at all hours asking how to treat a headache... I swear sometimes those missionaries are more needy than my newborn baby, but she takes care of them all just as she would her own kids. I love her so much and miss her dearly but want her to know that I love her and appreciate her more than words can ever say. You don't realize how much you need your mommy at sparatic times until she isn't there!! She is just a phone call away though. Thank goodness for that and the wonderful web cam. I LOVE YOU MOM!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Meeting Grandpa

Kohen got to meet Grandpa for the first time last week. My parents are serving as mission presidents im Peoria, Illinois for 3 years. My mom got to come home for 10 days when Kohen was born but my dad has never seen him, so Trav let me go out and stay with them for 2 weeks while he finished up his finals. After a long awful day of flying and a 4 hour layover in the Vegas airport then a 3 hour flight to Peoria we finally made it to Grandpa. Grandpa was right at the doors we came out of waiting for us with a huge smile, even after our flight was delayed! He stole Kohen from me as fast as he could and started loving him and just gooing at him. Kohen started to talk back to him and it was so funny, he was such a happy boy. We got to their house and my dad wanted to give him a bath since he had been in the dirty airport all day. (and I mean all day... we left our house around 8 am, and we finally got to their house around 10:30pm) well first thing he whizzed all over grandpa and the wall. I didn't stop there, then next day he did the exact same thing when grandpa went to give him his second bath. It was so funny. My mom and I couldn't stop laughing. Besides what are little boys for... Grandpa didn't care one bit, he was loving it all! We are having such a blast out here. My mom and dad have been such a big help with him. If it weren't for missing Trav so much I might just stay out here a few more weeks. :) Here are a few pictures for now...

Grandpa bought Horton Hears a Who to read to a grumpy Kohen.

Kohen loves giving wet kisses especially slobbery ones to Grandpa!

Grandpa was a Kohen hog the whole 2 weeks! He didn't like to share much.

The first time Grandpa got to hold Kohen he just wanted to talk and talk. He was so happy!

Grandma got a little time with Kohen, but not much! Grandpa didn't like to share.


My love and I in sunny Seattle