Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Daddy's Day

I took some pictures of Kohen playing with some of Trav's favorite things (his Chevelle remote control car, and Bears football) and blew them up for him for Daddy's Day! I think they turned out cute, and Trav just laughed at them cuz he looks so stinking cute. He's so chubby and you can't help but squeeze those cottage cheese thighs and suck on those droopy cheeks! We love you Trav!!


Today Megan and her two boys Peyton and Carson went swimming with us at the pool. I was kinda nervous to put Kohen in the water but it was just too hot not to get in. Carson loved the water but Peyton not so much, he'd rather watch the cars go by on 41st. So here are a few pictures of Kohen's first swimmimg experiance! Check out his muscular pectorals!! Ok, they just look like fat man boobs!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Family

Daddy loves Kohen, look at those cankels!! And yes, he is a thumb sucker. The binki does nothing for this boy.
Kohen loves his mom!! He talks and talks to me all day!
Lots of smiles and slobber! It's the first time we put his tootsies in the grass.
This is why we have no family pictures!! Trav wanted to keep himself off the blog, so he thought this would do the trick... think again honey that's dead sexy!! MWA-HA-HA. Love you Trav.


My love and I in sunny Seattle