Friday, July 24, 2009

He's Home

Dallas got home from his mission. After staying 6 weeks out with mom and dad he is finally here. He is staying with us for the year mom and dad are still out on their mission. He has been so fun to have around (and handy, a great live-in babysitter and yard worker. What's not to love?) He loves Kohen and Kohen loves to dance in his room! They are so funny together.
Tennison and Kohen waiting to see Uncle Oink.

Kohen's favorite part was riding the escalators and moving walkway!


Grant and Alli said...

Look at that cute Kohen! He looks like such a little stud..I still can't believe Dallas is home, soon it will be your parents:)Yay!

Drew and Randi said...

kohen is a stud! look at his blond here!! where did that come from??


My love and I in sunny Seattle