Thursday, December 1, 2011

Guess we should introduce...

Baby Knox Travis Cunningham!

Baby Knox came on September 29 2011 7 pounds 5 ounces, 20 1/2 inches long at 3:15 pm. We were set up for an induction 10 days early since Kohen didn't leave a pretty mark on me. :) The doctor was nice enough to call it "pelvic-trama" and I responded with "Oh you mean the vaganis I had?" He was caught off guard but gave quite a long hard laugh! (I love Dr. Froerer, he helped me steer clear of the 4th degree and gave me a 2nd degree instead (if only college was that easy)).

A few delivery day memories: I missed the phone call from the nurse to come in to the hospital because I insisted that I needed to go to Babinski's and return Knox's coming home outfit that had a broken button. (of course they didn't have another one) so I left with my second choice that ended up being so big he didn't wear it home anyway. Oh well!
We get to the hospital and checked in ready for the epideral man to come and relieve me and wanted to take one last picture of the belly so Trav gets out the camera... BROKEN! It somehow (Trav blames me) got set in something sticky so the lens wouldn't open. I'm laying in the bed and make Trav run to Best Buy to buy a new one. The pitocin was started and the epideral called in and there goes Trav out the door. I was just chatting with the nurse all alone. He did make it back in time.
Once Trav was back and the epideral done, the nurse came to check me at 3:00 pm to see how far I was. Her eyes were wide and said "uh oh! Don't sneeze I'll get the doctor" Dr. Froerer came in out of breath from running down the hall and I did push 3 times and Knox was out by 3:15. I can't complain, it was LOVELY! So here is the little guy's debut...

Kohen was so excited to see him! He is so excited to be the big boss of the house! He loves to hold Knox and keep bad guys away from him.
He doesn't mind when Knox cries. He will hold and protect him through screams and poop!
Ah, I already know him and love him!
Poor Knox get his face sucked off constantly at his house. Brotherly love!
What a cute, proud, tired dad! Maybe he is realizing the sleepless nights ahead! ;)

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